Processing emotional pain using the expanded Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) task of Focusing

Two-day workshop 9 & 10/10/2020

Presented by Dr. Melissa Harte (AUS)

In Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) the marker for the task of Focusing is typically used for processing an unclear felt sense. Harte (2012) proposed an expanded version of Focusing to include the reprocessing of painful or traumatic events which was found in clinical practice to successfully process these events. More recently, Harte (2017, 2019) used the discovery phase of task analysis to refine the proposed model and develop a method for bringing previously suppressed or incomplete memories of painful/traumatic events back into awareness so they can be successfully processed and integrated.

Once a traumatic memory was accessed within a focusing task via bodily felt-sense in conjunction with emotional arousal and activation of other schematic elements, it was possible to reprocess the event in such a way that the person was no longer plagued by the painful aspects of it and was not retraumatised by the re-remembering that often occurs when asked to retell her story. Once the client was able to express the appropriate primary emotion and articulate her needs within the remembered experience, the associated painful emotional charge was lessened. The event was remembered as having occurred but the emotional intensity was greatly reduced. This reprocessing of the traumatic event is more than desensitising. Working with single event trauma or developmental trauma requires careful consideration around avoiding re-traumatisation and recognising dissociation. Knowing the signs of dissociation and how to deal with it is vital in trauma work.

The model presented in this workshop offers a pathway for processing such events systematically and safely. This two-day-workshop is experiential and will provide participants with knowledge and theoretical understanding of EFT for trauma and how to use the extended focusing task.  Participants will be able to apply knowledge gained from workshop and integrate into their work with their trauma and non-trauma clients immediately.


Biography: Dr Melissa Harte is Internationally certified EFT Trainer with ISEFT and Director of Training, Certification and Research for The Australian Institute for Emotion Focused Therapy. Melissa Hare is a Counselling Psychologist. Her diverse range of services includes; face-to-face counselling, training, supervision and professional development within an Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) framework. Melissa has played a central role in establishing the not-for-profit Australian Institute for Emotion Focused Therapy.  In her clinical work and documented in her Doctoral research she extended Gendlin’s Focusing therapeutic intervention to assist individuals to work with painful and traumatic experiences. Melissa’s uniquely structured workshops are personally transformational for therapists and are designed to assist those therapists to deliver more comprehensive services for their clients. Qualifications: B. App. Sci. (Med. Lab. Sci.), Grad. Dip. (Psych), B. Sci. (Hons) Psych, DPsych (Couns), MPsych (Clin). Affiliations: Registered Psychologist, Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA), AHPRA Endorsed in Counselling Psychology, AHPRA Endorsed Supervisor, MAPS, ACA, PACFA, HTA, WAPCEPC.


Docenten: Melissa Harte (AUS)

Datum: 9 en 10 oktober 2020 telkens van 9.30u tot 17.30u

Locatie: Antwerpen, exacte locatie nog niet gekend

Toelatingsvoorwaarden: training is open to counselling/clinical psychologists and accredited psychotherapists/counsellors

Kosten: wie inschrijft vóór 30 april 2020 betaalt 295 euro, vanaf 1 mei 2020 betaal je 380 euro (KMO-portefeuille mogelijk). Prijs inclusief hand-outs en dranken tijdens de pauze. Lunch is niet inbegrepen.

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