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Masterclass EFT: processing emotional pain using the Extended Focusing Task

Masterclass EFT: processing emotional pain using the Extended Focusing Task

A model for safely work with and processing trauma and emotonial injuries


The challenge for therapists working with trauma is to create an experience of safety that enables clients to engage in the exploration emotional experiences which have previously been too distressing to approach. Often clients withdraw from therapy when their emotional experience whilst ‘doing the work’ becomes too overwhelming for them, the effects of trauma leading to a therapeutic rupture.

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In this experiential workshop, learn how to create the safety in the therapeutic space that enables clients to transform their emotional experiences using the Expanded Focusing Task, as outlined in Melissa Harte’s book Processing Emotional Pain Using Emotion Focused Therapy: A guide to safely working with and resolving emotional injuries and trauma. This therapeutic approach supports clients to feel sufficiently safe and empowered to stay in therapy and embrace the possibility of change. It can have profound impacts on the lives of people living with the consequences of trauma and help them to feel empowered by their emotions and better equipped to live an enriched life. This training will include trauma intervention principles and the foundations for safe trauma processing, key EFT skills for working with trauma and a step-by-step guide to using the Expanded Focusing Task.

Deelnemingsvoorwaarden: training is open to counselling/clinical psychologists and accredited psychotherapists/counsellors

Datum: 29 en 30 september 2023, 2 opleidingsdagen van 9.30u tot 17.30u

Taal: Engels

Locatie: Unik Antwerpen, Fransenplaats 1, 2018 Antwerpen

Deelnameprijs: 495 euro, inclusief hand-outs en dranken tijdens de pauze. Lunch is niet inbegrepen.

KMO portefeuille is niet meer mogelijk voor deze opleiding sedert de besparingshervorming van de Vlaamse Overheid.

Informatie opleiding: contacteer Kurt Renders:

Informatie over betaling en facturatie:

Inschrijven: doe je via het iXtranet



Dr Louise (Lou) Cooper, (AUS).

Lou is a Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist based in Australia. She is the President and isEFT Institute Trainer at the Australian Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy (AIEFT) in Melbourne. Lou is the Director of a two-location private practice, Talking Emotions, where therapists specialise in working with Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT). For many years Lou has facilitated training in LGBTQ-inclusive practice and trauma informed practice and is known for her ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple and accessible manner. Lou has a previous life working as a radio broadcaster.

Working alongside Melissa Harte for over a decade, Lou has been part of creating a vibrant EFT community in Melbourne and, since Melissa passed in February 2021, is honoured to be able to continue Melissa’s trauma informed trainings using the Extended Focusing Task.

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